First Season
Thrusday 1st March 2018 at 06:30 pm by Shard

Chapter II: The month of March!

The month of March is for us the second chapter of this new adventure that is MilkyWay, because it's today that the serious things will begin.
The team welcomed several new Game Masters and Developers to carry out our great project. We have spent a lot of time setting up the development server (hence the fact that we were less present these days), to ensure a faster, safer and more ambitious development for the future. It's time for us to get down to business.
To start this month of March, we have reviewed (again, and this is probably not the last but it's like that we will try to strive for perfection) the balance of classes, changes of some spells, up / nerves, removal of spells affecting the mechanics of the game Mr. Spell to make room for our first season of PvP arena beginning today, which will offer you at the end of the month unpublished rewards, such as titles, WoD / Legion mounts and more! (-> all arena teams have been reseted)

You will find the Patch-Note of the changes made below, as well as the future news that is being developed for the server!
Also note that we've credited all existing accounts of 100 DPs in compensation for the removed spells.
Don't forget to congratulate Tic who is the big winner of the Top Vote draw for the LOGITECH G502 Mouse!

Divine Storm: Deals 180% weapon damage instead of 140%.
Inquisition: Deals 206% weapon damage instead of 166%.
Wrath's Hammer: Damage increased by 300%.
Vengeful Wrath: now works properly.
General: Spells now depend less on your spell power and more on your attack power. (= Sacred Paladin Nerve, Paladin Ret / Heal Heal)

All damage dealt has been increased by 10%.

The damage done by the dots has been reduced by about 20%.
Heals in shadow specialization was reduced by 5%.
Vampiric Embrace: Now heals for 15% of shadow damage dealt instead of 25%.

Death Knight :
All damage has been increased by 10%.
Frost Strike: Now deals 70% weapon damage instead of 60%.
Obliterate : Deals 100% weapon damage instead of 80%.
Heart Strike: Deals 87% weapon damage instead of 77%.
Healing Wave, Healing Salve and Lower Healing Wave: Heals reduced by about 7%.
Lightning Bolt, Lightning Chain, Lava Burst: 10% increased damage related to spell power.

Mana Shield, Ice Barrier, Frost Guardian, Fire Guardian: Absorption effects have been increased.

Fel Armor: Heal now for 1% of your health, instead of 2% previously.

All spell power related healing has been reduced by about 20%.
Shred: Deals 285% weapon damage vs. 225% previously.
Mangle: Deals 255% weapon damage vs. 215% previously.
Bleeding inflicts an average of 20% less damage than before.

All Stamina gems have been reduced by 35%.

Priest: The Glyph Dispel Magic has been removed (healing is reduced by 100%).
Druid: The Glyph Epic Bear now works 100%.

New features under development:
Some of these features are almost finished and will soon be out!
- Casino
- Pantheon
- Guild Systems (levels & HQ)
- Weddings
- Achievements on the website
- Automatic events shop
- Visual enchantments

- Arena Spectator
- Arena winner betting
- Price setting
- Loot the players
- New Battlefield

- T16 Offset Instance
- Raid T17
- Challenge T18
- Upgrade System (Galaxy map)
- Legendary Quests (new spells, legion transmo, class mounts)
- World Bosses
- Challenges Instances (not depending on your gear/spells)

See you soon on MilkyWay !

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