Exclusive Maintenance
Sunday 5th August 2018 at 10:08 am by Coexist2777

Exclusive Maintenance!

The server will be closed until August 12 at 18h from tonight midnight.However, that's not to say we should forget, because an update is planned for the opening, with new content! And to prepare for your comeback, several events will take place this week:
- The voting points will be doubled until the opening (and you can also test our new voting system). Vote seriously, it's all good for you (see the second point)
- The more connected you are to the reopening, the more you will earn ALL donations points. So do not hesitate to make MW known and to sponsor, because the rewards sponsorship will also be available!
- For reopening, all accounts (by different ip) with at least one character that was played before the update will receive 200 Donation Points

We always remain available on the Discord or other during the maintenance time ;)
We count on you !!!

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