I. General rules
  • I.1. Any abuse can lead to a sanction;
  • I.2. You can complain about a player's behavior as a staff member on the forum as long as the complaint is justified, it may be asked to argue using screenshot;
  • I.3. The profit of bug that may give you an advantage over any of our services is forbidden;
  • I.4. The image of the server cannot be hijacked to harm it;
  • I.5. You must be respectful towards both staff members and other players.
II. Account
    II. 1. Your account name should not contain any vulgarity as it may appear on the forum; .
  • II. 2. You do not have an account limit but you must remain reasonable;
  • . II. 3. The sale or exchange of accounts is not allowed, in the case of a sale, both parties will be sanctioned; . II.4. Your account remains the property of the server, so it remains our legitimate right to:
    • Change account name,
    • .
    • Change password,
    • .
    • Change email address,
    • .
    • Change the number of voting points,
    • .
    • Change the number of points donated and
    • . Temporarily or permanently restrict access to the account without having to give a reason; .
    II. 5. If you give your identifiers to someone else you are solely responsible for the consequences. .
III. In play
  • III. 1. Any cheating via third party software or not (bot, cheat, anti-afk, etc) even if it is only once may be sanctioned by a final closure of the account;
  • . III.2.1. The use of base channels as well as the world and other special channels1 must follow the following rules
      Avoid provocation even if justified, . No insults even in the second degree, . No black humour or other form of anti-Semitism, . No abussive use of capital letters, .
    • Formal prohibition of the use of the logo or custom colors;
    • .
    1: General, Commerce, Recruitment, World and channels with the prefix "soc-" or "event-". III.2.2. If someone disturbs you by whispering you are free to block it or not; III.3. In the battlefield:
      It is forbidden to do PvP in cemeteries, . If you have to leave, leave the battle or you will be kicked; .
  • III. 4. Even indirect advertising for a server can be punished by a heavy penalty.
  • III. 5. Aggro theft in farm or PvE zones (e. g. WorldBoss) is strictly.
  • .
  • Donations are vital for the server, they are used to cover server costs and various expenses, to improve security or to organize giveaway to thank our community.
  • IV.1. We allow you 48 hours (from the time you are sent) to withdraw from a donation, at the end of this period, the donation will be considered as "invested" and will not be refundable. Note that to exercise this right you must be able to return the bonus(s) received;
  • IV.2. Exceptionally (credit card theft, unauthorized use of a payment method, etc.), we can partially or completely refund a donation made within the cooling off period for the withdrawal of the donation. If necessary, we may sanction the account or communicate information relating to the transaction to the competent authorities;
  • IV.3. If you have not received your donation award within 36 hours, please verify your information and contact a MilkyWay Server staff member;
  • IV.4. Any amount received that is not received in the form of donations cannot and will not be taken into account.
Basic sanction The penalties may vary on a case-by-case basis and the warning is optional, note that even if you are a donor you will be penalized in the same way as a new player. . WarningSanction Discussion channel bus: Written warningWritten warning Mute 20minutes to 2h Advertising for another server: Final sanctionFinal punishment Address ip blocked for life Tricherie horss-map1: Account suspended for 3 to 7 days Account suspended 60 to 1095 days Tricherie: Account suspended 5 to 15 days Account suspended 90 to 1095 days Trichery in combat zone2: Final sanctionFinal punishment Account suspended 1 to 5 years 1: Place not used by the server where you would like to pass faster, for example.
2: The Vallée d' Alterac, the Goulet de Chanteguerres, the Bassin d' Arathi, the Isle of Conquerors, the Rivage des Anciens, the Eye of the Cyclone, the Arena of Dalaran, the Arena of the Tranchantes, the Ruins of Lordaeoron, the Arena of Nagrand, the Arena of Valeureux and all other areas dedicated to the Jc

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